(Minimal) Stringprep the XMPP JIDs


At least a minimal Stringprep should be done on the JIDs in MAXS configuration.

This would also prevent this:

2014-03-06 08:57:47 Lurim thank you for all the help flow, i understand exactly what went wrong now, although i didn't think it was important at the time. i thought XMPP wasn't case sensitive, like how email isn't. but apparently MAXS thinks it is the first letter was capital, and it threw an "ignoring message from non-master" message because of it


Florian Schmaus
July 30, 2014, 7:06 PM

Scheduled for, ie. when we have Smack 4.1 with Stringprep. Seems to be easily doable though: simply stringprep/normalize the text of the JIDWatchers and set the EditText to the normalized version which also get's saved to the apps preferences.




Florian Schmaus